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Official Livejounal Martha Stewart Fansite
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About Martha
Stewart was born Martha Helen Kostyra in Jersey City, New Jersey, the first daughter of Polish American parents Edward Rudolf Kostyra and Marta Ruszkowska, economic immigrants from Poland. Stewart, along with her five siblings, was raised in Nutley, New Jersey.

Instilled with a strong work ethic promoted by her parents, Stewart mastered traits that many would consider common household chores. Stewart's mother taught her how to cook and sew. Later, she learned the processes of canning and preserving when she visited her grandparents' home in Buffalo, New York. Her father, Eddie, had a passion for gardening, and passed on much of his knowledge and expertise to his daughter.

Stewart also excelled in school, and was active in many extra-curricular activities, such as the school newspaper and the Art Club. During this time, Stewart began a modelling career. She was hired and appeared in several television commercials and magazines, including one of Tareyton's famous "Rather fight than switch" cigarette advertisements. Finishing with straight "A"s, she was awarded a partial scholarship to Barnard College in New York City. read more...
About This Community
I've been a big fan of Martha Stewart since I was a little girl, way back before I knew what the internet was. My obsession has tripled in the last three or four years and I've begin notice that there isn't any good Martha sites on the internet at all, let alone on livejournal, so I decided to correct that problem. I know that she has a huge fanbase and her fans deserve a place on the internet to discuss all things Martha. Anything Martha related is premitted here, feel free to post Martha photo's and graphics; discuss and share recipes, crafts, and gardening tips and tricks; share with us your own projects; and even discuss guests on the live show!
Community Rules
This community will be heavily monitored by me chicklebird. All rude or unruley behavior will be dealt with very quickly so don't even bother ;) I'm sure we won't have a problem unless some random person joins the community just to cause trouble. If you have any questions about rules or lj codes feel free to ask, I or someone else will be glad to help you. I hope you all enjoy this community and post a lot to keep it active! Thanks!

*No rude or hateful behavior to other members
*No spamming
*No advertising of communities or websites that are NOT Martha related
*No Martha bashing, this is a fan site, you will be banned
*Please keep larger images under a lj cut
*Be kind to each other, have fun, and post, post, post!
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